A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A collection of levels I made over the course of about a month, strung together into a game.

-WASD + Mouse to move and look
-Space bar to jump
-Control or right key to zoom in
-R to restart any level
-Escape key to quit the game instantly

-Generally: the exit for each level can be reached by going straight ahead from the starting point
-If a slope is too steep to traverse, try jumping to get up it
-Look *Before* you leap
-The game will quit to desktop upon completion

Special thanks:
-Ben Esposito's First Person Drifter controller http://torahhorse.com/first-person-drifter-controller-for-unity3d
-All my twitter followers


TheTowerInverted-Mac.zip 122 MB
The Tower Inverted.zip 121 MB