A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A brand new plot of land has appeared in the the Puget Sound. Time to airdrop some condominiums onto it.

Using the power of Video Games: hit any key on the keyboard to warp and shape a condo. Then press space to drop it onto the new location.

Take selfies! Walk around! Fly around! This real estate market is hot hot hot

Arrow Keys: Move
Space Bar: Drop Building
Most A-Z Keys: Modify Building
Tab: Switch to walking Mode

Walking Around:
WASD/Arrow Keys: Walk Around
Space: Jump
Q: Toggle between Walking and Selfie Mode
Tab: Switch to Helicopter Mode

Selfie Mode:
Press E To Take A Selfie - Selfies show up in the SeattleCondoCreator_Data file

To Quit: Hit Escape, or fly away from the island, and then hit escape.


SeattleCondoCreator_Mac.zip 38 MB
SeattleCondoCreator_Win.zip 34 MB