A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I had an idea for a Road Trip game. I wanted the player to go on a very long journey over a huge terrain, and with NPC friends, and stop in dumpy hotels and get gas in grimy gas stations. You'd drive thousands of miles until you reached the ocean, going over mountains, through small towns, and between redwood trees.

But that never happened. I got as far as land generation, NPCS, and cars.

You will need an Xbox 360 controller for this, I think a mouse+keyboard will work. Left and Right Triggers for brakes/gas. "A" button enters and exits car.

You can also rebind the keys in the splash screen before starting the game, "Fire1" is what controls entering and exiting the car.

You can exit the car and the NPCs will follow you, just be warned the car will roll away from you and you'll be stranded.


PressXToRide.zip 77 MB
PressXToRideMac.zip 47 MB


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How did I miss this. That a great idea for a game. I would've gladly helped out with models. I like the modification you made to my car 😍

Very cool demo! If you are looking for more assets to expand on this game, shoot me a message and we can collaborate 



Cute models. Wish I had something to drive to.


Great, great stuff! I'd love to see a big game from you, your style and mood is fantastic.


Concept sounds great, wish you had the motivation to go on with it. I don't judge you, I have dropped many WIPs myself. Hope you keep gamedev'ing anyway!